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3 Things You Didn't Know about Auto-B-Good

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You might think you're the ultimate fan of Auto-B-Good, but there's some stuff that even you (probably) don't know about the show.  Ready to find out?

1. The City of Auto is in the shape of a car.

Unless you were one of the animators working on the show, there's no way you could know that the City of Auto really is a 'city of auto'.  Here's a drawing of what it looks like from a bird's eye view:

2. There are 63 different characters in the show.

As the old saying goes "There are no small parts, but maybe small auto parts." (But seriously folks...)  The City of Auto and it's neighboring regions is home to 63 unique cars, trucks and other crazy vehicles.  That's one busy community!

3. The Drive-in shows some Great auto-themed movies.

Some of our favorite films played at the City of Auto drive in are "Car Wars", "Gone like the Wind" and these two classics. I smell an Oscar!