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Do Ewe Share? / Are Ewe Thankful?


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Chapter 1 -- Do Ewe Share? -- A lesson in sharing with your friends
The pancake breakfast is a few days away, while the others sleep Spunky secretly slips away to get all of the stickleberries for the syrup... to keep for himself. With the wolves in pursuit, will Spunky learn that it doesn't pay to be greedy?

Chapter 2 – Are Ewe Thankful? -- A lesson in being thankful
The big annual birthday party is tomorrow and the flock has not given the Shepherd their birthday wish lists. Will the sheep learn that a big gift with "strings attached" and a sheep catching hot air balloon may not be a gift at all, and to be thankful for what they have been given?

Run time: approx. 60 minutes


Check out this clip from "Are EWE Thankful?"

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