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Starshine Workshop


StarShine Workshop is a series that helps children and young adults navigate the challenges of today's world. Through exploration of relevant topics kids will discover the facts and grow in their ability to make healthy life choices.



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From School Library Journal, August 2011
* Rising Star Education, creators of the Auto-B-Good series and other character education materials, has produced this upbeat look at Internet safety. Accompanied by catchy music and sound effects, the age-appropriate content is designed to help students understand both the massive potential and the incredible dangers associated with using the Internet. Fun fonts showcase five major safety points as people share their real-life experiences with viewers. Sean, the host, narrates while Rachel, a teacher, discusses how to stay safe when online with a group of studio kids. Members of the StarShine Troupe share their experiences on the Internet, and Fire Chief Ken talks about ways to stay safe. Viewers meet Chelsey, an adolescent who learned some Internet safety lessons the hard way, and her mother, who each share their perspectives and experiences. The variety of faces and voices provided by the different characters further maintains audience interest. Presented in a style suitable for today's tech literate students, this well-organized program is an excellent tool to jump-start conversations at home and lessons in school. -Cathie Bashaw Morton, Millbrook Central School District, NY

From Booklist Online Video Review, June 2011
The Internet is a ready source of entertainment and information, but it's also a place where kids need to practice safety. Hosts Sean and Rachel interview a group of studio and schoolyard kids about their Internet use (videos, games, research) and ask how they would handle inappropriate images (shut the site down or tell a trusted adult are correct responses). One girl's personal experience with an Internet stalker is shared. Onscreen captions reinforce five rules of Internet safety: communicate online only with friends you know, never agree to meet strangers, avoid sharing personal information, have a parent or trusted adult nearby when working on the computer, and share inappropriate Internet images with parents. This brief program, covering Internet safety essentials in an upbeat, age-appropriate manner, is a good discussion-prompter in classrooms and home settings. -- Candace Smith

From Video Librarian, July/August 2011
*** Children with access to a computer at home or at school use the Internet for assorted purposes, including entertainment, education, and social connection. Presented by two adult hosts, a diverse group of kids, and a teen who relates a real-life story about almost becoming a victim of an online predator, this brief and to-the-point guide for kids encourages them to have fun but remain safe online. Each of the clearly explained practical "safety key" suggestions offered here are built around the premise that it's possible to make a mistake and inadvertently come in contact with potentially harmful people or material. Being smart about divulging personal information is important, as is supervision from a trusted adult. A worthwhile primer--presented here in both English and Spanish versions--for both young viewers and parents who mistakenly treat the computer as an electronic babysitter, this is recommended.
Aud: Elem. (grades 1-3), Intermed. (grades 4-6), Public libraries. (E. Gieschen)