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God's Greatest Hits


As a collective community we connect with these timeless songs, and with each generation the hymns sung by our forefathers are redefined, relived, and embraced. God's Greatest Hits makes the case as to why certain selections are the most powerful pieces of music ever written. Through breathtaking performances by 10 time Grammy winnerBobby McFerrin, a unique rendition of Amazing Grace by five time gospel Grammy winners The Blind Boys of Alabama, and star Canadian group Ken Whiteley and Friends, God's Greatest Hits successfully captures yet another generation by combining modern day artists with traditional pieces. Judy Collins, Dione Taylor, The Carolina Chocolate Drops, The Bills, The Sojourners, Rick Wakeman and other notable performers each add their personal touch to these great songs and stories. God's Greatest Hits not only combines contemporary renditions and archival performance footage, but also goes behind the music and gives the fascinating history of each selection. Breathtaking performances are intermingled alongside discussions with musical luminaries, critics, world class musicians and religious experts. Relive the experience yourself with this collection of truly classic pieces!